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Oftalcare Nutravisión, created exclusively for the development of specialized products to improve nutrition of tissues of the eye.

The line of dietary products Oftalcare Nutravisión vision has the professional and scientific supervision and direction of Jorge Alio Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness. www.fundacionalio.com


Develop parapharmaceutical and cosmetic eye care to promote the health of the eye and its appendages products following criteria minimally invasive, proven by scientific methods without creating negative side effects or toxicities in humans.


Improving health for humans based on periodic and micronutrient calculated to improve the situation of oxidation of the human organism, preserving and improving their health, preventing premature aging and avoiding toxicities and side effects of cosmetic substances ingested which are used in the eye and periocular areas.


Use the principle of the minimal invasiveness, so that will be used only the minimum components necessary to achieve the maximum, in order to avoid side effects and toxicities. Always use substances and dosages based on demonstrated published scientific evidence. We will ensure the use of non-irritating and non-toxic cosmetic substances, which also improve hygiene to care and maintain the trophism of the eyelids and the skin and other ocular adnexa. We will maintain constant surveillance of scientific advances in the field in order to incorporate any innovation to products manufactured and created the company.